PopUp Entertainment Experience

Welcome to Popup Entmt

With the data of entertainment via Altavoz’s BuyingThis(TM) technology to build out a Fan Heat Map of entertainment buyers enabling our whole supply chain to know why a particular release should be sold in that market place in a physical format. This is very important given that so many towns have lost stores.

This is important because the demand for physical goods never stopped and just look at Vinyl records. The sales of Vinyl are growing to levels not seen in 20 years leaving a hole in Entertainment companies distribution strategies and us the opportunity to offer a Popup Entmt Experience

To answer -Why we call it Popup Entmt. After opening our 1st Popup Record Store in 2018 we quickly released that the Popup model would work for other entertainment goods like books, game and videos; As well, we’ll be bring some extra special adds to make it a Pop Up Entertainment Experience.